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“You guys are lifesavers! …thank goodness for your help!”
Stephanie, the Maid of Honor, Malibu, CA

When hearing someone deliver a wonderful speech or toast, do you think the following?

“How did they do that?” or “If only I had their talent!”

The difference between you and that person is actually quite small.  We all have moments when we spontaneously utter something so funny or moving that not only do we surprise the listener, we surprise ourselves. Imagine how great it would be if this capacity was not a fluke, but rather a certainty.

Make A Toast’s guiding principle is that within each of us lies the ability to create and give outstanding tributes. While this may come easier to some than others, we are here to level the playing field.

We are Katrin Kern and Christopher Korbel. The two of us are dedicated to making successful speeches and toasts happen. Coming from our professional backgrounds in the performing arts and education, our approach radically differs from other toast making organizations, as well as cookie cutter formulas. We are neither ghostwriters nor puppeteers.

We have appeared on radio and television throughout the United States. Here are some clips of our TV appearances.

Ours is a boutique service for someone who invests in making an elegant impression, and who realizes the lasting value of a meaningful tribute. We have prepared our clients to give special occasion speeches and toasts for weddings, civil unions, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, and memorials to name a few. It is a joy for us to see our clients achieve excellence.

Here you will learn about us, our program and our clients’ experiences. Since we work with our clients in person, consultations are currently limited to the greater Los Angeles/Orange County, California area.

However, on this site you will find a few a tips that you can use on your own. For more information, you might want to visit our Facebook page or blog. Both go into greater depth on the art of the personal tribute and are updated often.

Whether you join us as a client or just use our online resources, our goal remains the same: to instill confidence and increase articulateness without sacrificing your most distinctive asset, your authentic voice!

Also if you are a business, professional organization, learning center, or nonprofit organization, we offer special mini-seminars. We also work with select charities on fund raising events.

If you have any questions, comments or want to ask about our service, please use contact us. We look forward to helping you Make A Toast.

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